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Kenya Methodist University Students Hold Kenpoly Fc in Meru Town

Kenpoly’s  Meru customers are used to see our trucks deliver goods but were yesterday taken by surprise on learning that it was not a delivery but a team to play football match.

The team arrived in Meru at exactly 12.00 noon took a half an our break before taking on Kemu fc at the Meru show ground.


Nixon Otieno opened the score for Kenpoly in the 18th minute following a clinical finish with Kemu equalising in 42nd minute.

Our coach later effected changes in central defence which did not work to his expectations giving opponents advantage on flanks.

3-1 it ended in favour of Kemu.


Speaking after the match ,Kemu dean of students thanked Kenpoly for the turn up ,fair play and discipline maintained.

The team is preparing for the Fkf 2016 Nairobi county league.


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